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The Stonery707 Jewelry is theBest Place to Buy Engagement Ring Las Vegas.

About Us:
Like a favorite photo, jewelry has that remarkable power to preserve special moments like nothing else. It was this sentiment that inspired Stanley & LaKisha Isaac to open The Stonery Inc. Jewelry Store located in Deer Park in 2012. We are a jewelry store that puts the principles of honesty, exceptional service, and value into your shopping experience. We strive to provide all the information and assistance you need to make your purchase via convenient online shopping; however, there is nothing like The Stonery Inc. Jewelry experience. Whether you are in search of something classic, contemporary, or completely eclectic, The Stonery Inc. Jewelry Store is your source for exquisite adornments that are designed to last – and make your life brilliant. We encourage you to make a personal visit to our Long Island location, and check out our great selection of jewelry.

Our Services:

Jewelry Repair

Cleaning & Polishing

Custom Work

Rhodium Plating

Watch Batteries

Gold Teeth (Grillz)

Buy Gold & Diamonds

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